Warren Berry, Creative Full-Stack Developer

About Warren

Warren Fulton Berry II is a creative full stack developer. He's been professionally designing and developing web and interactive applications and media for the private and public sector since 2001.

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, he attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and graduated in May 2001 with a Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design. Since then, Warren has been working on a variety of design and development projects flexing his creative and technical muscle while producing amazing results.

Outside the realms of the web, Warren loves music (especially jazz, house, hip-hop and soul), film, futurology, technology, mediation and Asiatic food. He currently lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area with his wife, Kyla and their son, Warren III.

About warrenberry.com

Warren registered warrenberry.com in 2001 right before he graduated from college. It originally started out as a portfolio site to showcase his student (and some freelance) work in graphic design and web design and was very successful in helping him land his first job right out of college as a web designer at an advertising agency in St. Louis.

Today, warrenberry.com is more of a fun project where Warren showcases his artistic abilities and versatility in development.


Creativity + Technology

Over the years, Warren has amassed a wealth of knowledge and skills with a meticulous understanding of each layer in the development stack.

He originally started out as a web designer laying out and wireframing interfaces for web sites but shortly thereafter transitioned to programming business applications where he delved into client-side, server-side and database programming as well as server administration. He primarily focuses on Microsoft stack in the realm of development (WISC: Windows, IIS, SQL Server, C#) and tools found in the Adobe Creative Suite/Collection for design endeavors.

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Design + Development

  • Dreamweaver


    Since 2001

    • Coding
  • Fireworks


    Since 2001

    • GIF Animation
    • Wireframing
  • Flash/Animate


    Since 2001

    • Actionscript
    • Animation
    • Audio/Video streaming
  • Illustrator


    Since 2001

    • Vector creation and manipulation
    • SVG
  • Photoshop


    Since 2001

    • Raster creation, manipulation, and optimization
  • Visual Studio

    Visual Studio

    Since 2002

    • Coding
    • Third-party extensions
    • Unit Testing



  • CSS


    Since 2001

  • HTML


    Since 2001

  • JavaScript


    Since 2001

  • jQuery


    Since 2008



  • .NET Framework

    .NET Framework

    Since 2004

    • ADO.NET
    • ASP.NET (AJAX, MVC, Web API, Web Forms)
    • LINQ
    • WCF
    • WinForms
  • C#


    Since 2004

    • Asyncronous
    • Object-oriented
    • Service-oriented



  • Azure SQL Database

    Azure SQL Database

    Since 2016

    • Complex T-SQL queries and statements
    • Full-Text Searching
    • Object (functions, procedures, tables, triggers, views) creation and deletion
  • SQL Server

    SQL Server

    Since 2002

    • Complex T-SQL queries and statements
    • Full-Text Searching
    • Object (functions, procedures, tables, triggers, views) creation, alteration, and deletion



  • Microsoft Azure


    Since 2016

    • App Services
    • CDN
    • Media Services
    • Redis Cache
  • Microsoft Windows


    Since 2001

    • IIS administration
    • Powershell scripting
    • System administration